Who doesn't love a fruit box ... but imagine if instead of fresh fruit it was pamper products, treats and an adult bevvie!  We introduce, Tutti Frutti!


The Tutti Frutti gift box is filled with fruit flavoured and scented products to delight that special someone. 


Tutti Frutti is perfect gifting for: best friends, sisters, mums, aunties, work colleagues, teachers, birthdays, thank yous, get well, congratulations...or just because! 


Yay! The chocolate included in Tutti Frutti is also gluten free and vegan! 


  • Tutti Frutti includes: 


    Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub 100g


    16Brand Mango & Grapefruit Face Sheet Mask 


    Ecoya Guava & Lychee Sorbet Natural Wax Candle 80g


    Bennetto Natural Foods Co Raspberry in Dark Choc 


    Select from: Curatif Plantation Rum Pineapple Daiquiri or Curatif Tromba Tequila Tommy's Margarita


    Reusable Gift Box Hamper 


    All items included in Tutti Frutti are hand selected when you place an order to create an individual gifting experience. This means the designs, brands and colours of products may vary from the photos shown but will always be of equal or greater value and quality.